Early Edition - 22 June 2015
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Planning A Summer Getaway?
As much as we may be led to believe otherwise when looking out of the window, it is indeed Summertime readers.
This means that many of us are jetting away to warmer climes, or enjoying a more traditional British seaside holiday closer to home.
With this in mind; the Fashion and Textile Museum have curated a rather apt exhibition - Riviera Style: Resort & Swimwear Since 1900.
The exhibition explores the various articles of clothing worn in and around the sea; that is to say - resort and leisure wear. Starting with the late 1800s, we are taken right up to the present day, via glamorous Beauty Queen contestants of the 1950s, billowing 1930s beach pyjamas, Victorian bathing costumes and more.
So wherever you may be enjoying the sunshine, this exhibition provides some excellent inspiration for one's holiday attire.
Riviera Style
22 June 2015
Riviera Style is on at the Fashion and Textile Museum London, until 13th September 2015.
The exhibition also explores the various fabrics used over the years, as changes in technology heralded in new materials and processes.