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Early Edition - 15 May 2017
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Festival of Vintage - York
A few years back, we made the somewhat long journey from the South coast up to the city of York for the Festival of Vintage. Well, so impressed were we with the event, that we decided to repeat the expedition to visit again this year.
What sets this festival apart from other vintage festivals; is the focus on fashion and style. Each day features fashion shows, both from reproduction vintage companies (The House of Foxy & 20th Century Chap), and original vintage from the Marks & Spencer Archive. As the fashion shows served to get those inspirational juices flowing, the many vendors were more than equipped to furnish many a shoppers every need and desire.
That brings me onto the other feature that so impressed us during our last visit the curation and organisation of the festival is second to none. Event director Keeley Harris cleverly separates original vintage sellers and merchandise into one building, whilst reproduction companies reside in another. This means that the buyer can either chose to shop from which building most appeals to their sensibilities, or (as we did) flit between the two to purchase and peruse stock from both. It is also worth mentioning, that there was a dedicated section for male attire, complete with a barber in order to trim those tresses to perfection.
Whilst shopping is a key feature of the event, there were many other activities to participate in. Make Do & Mend workshops featuring crochet, patchwork and knitting were on offer; as were demonstrations in the more advanced knitting and crochet techniques. The team from Bethany Davis Vintage Parlour were on hand to address hair & beauty needs, whilst on the ground floor free dance lessons were available.
Throughout the two day event, there was ample entertainment. Live bands and DJs included The Jive Aces, Brandyn Shaw, The Bevin Boys, The Revolutionaires and many more.
Outside (and we were extraordinarily fortunate with the weather) there was an assortment of classic cars and vehicles to admire providing perfect photo opportunities!
This was the festivals seventh year, and we cannot wait to see how it grows and progresses for next year.