Standard Edition - 31 March 2020
Stan Streather
11 June 2014
Interview with Stan Streather about his role as a Winston Churchill at numerous events.
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How to get your very own Beehive
05 February 2014
Our second hair tutorial, this time a `60s staple - the Beehive
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Lola & the Lamours - Love Potion No9
16 January 2014
The second installment of The Rhythm Section is a music video for Lola & the Lamours with their rendition of Love Potion No. 9.
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Jonathan and Sarina
19 September 2013
This is the Reel we did for the happy couple.
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The Speakeasies Swing Band
16 May 2013
The Speakeasies Swing Band Theme from The Godfather Performed at Hep Cats Holiday
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Socailite Wedding
12 October 2012
Socailite Wedding: In September we were thrilled when we were asked to film Sarina and Jonathanís wedding. Not only was the ceremony to take place in Eltham Palace, a delectable Art Deco masterpiece in Greenwich, but the dress code was 1920s and Ď30s. We were in for quite a treat!
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How to get your very own Vintage Pin Curls
19 September 2012
In our first tutorial we show you how to create gorgeous pin-up pin curls just with the power of water (no heat or styling products needed!)
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Interview with the Vanity Box
10 August 2012
Verity and Gemma from the Vanity Box invited us to Vanity Box HQ for an interview about what`s going on in the world of vintage hair and beauty.
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The Swing Ninjas Interview
07 March 2012
Our interview with Brighon`s favourite gypsy swing trio, The Swing Ninjas. Filmed at the Mesmerist (one of our favourite haunts), we talk about their forthcoming album `Stop Killing the Jazz Man` launching at the Mesmerist in the evening on March 14th.
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Style me Vintage
30 January 2012
Interview with Naomi Thompson about her new book
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